Websites are a professional necessity in today’s highly competitive virtual world. With just the click of a button, anyone can buy anything from anywhere. Information on is-fotan-rightliterally every subject is mere seconds away.

So how are you going to make sure your website comes out of the tangle on top? How do you ensure that what you have to offer is going to stand out in a crowded global marketplace?

In an era where the average person does the majority of their business with people (or non-people) they have never even met, I say the best way to move your business forward is to take a step back.

Fotan Web and Graphic Design offers a global reach with a personal touch. The problem with huge companies is that most aren’t able to resolve issues quickly (according to an iPage review). I believe in doing things the old-fashioned way–in knowing names, shaking hands, telling a few jokes and in truly listening. If you want your business to be a part of the future but like the way things were done in the past, please contact me. At the very least you’ll talk to a real person, and you might even make a new friend.



I am happy to say that my experience with Fotan has been the BEST over any other web design/management experience.  Matt listened to what IRead More...

—Kathy Collins, Realtor®

Integrity Team Real Estate Services

WPMU LDAP plugin fixes

| WordPress Plugins

So, one of the little projects I've been asked to help with at Lane is to move a number of WordPress websites from an old WordPress Multi-User installation to a fancy new server with a WordPress Network (basically the same thing, just called a network since 3.something).  A

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Schola Antiquae Vocis

| Art and Music

This was a singing group my mom belonged to.  As you can probably imagine, I didn't have to try real hard to get the job working on this site.  Of course, I also didn't get paid much for it.  I think it was a pretty nice design though.  At the time, the circles and stuff

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Goin' Postal - Roseburg Oregon

| Small Business

Goin' Postal and Copy Copy Shop is a locally owned franchise that does everything shipping related, like packing your packages, sending it by the best carrier, holding your mail, renting post office boxes…  All that stuff.  Copy Copy Shop, obviously, is a copy shop.  Co

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American Home Lending

| Portfolio

This was my first PHP-based site.  Took me days and days to do what I can do in about 5 minutes now.  Gotta learn somewhere though, right?  The design is horribly dated by today's standards, but back in 2003, or so, it was quite nice.  The PHP included a small database t

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| WordPress Blogs

Rick needed a site refresh in a bad way.  He also wanted to be able to update his website in house and needed to be found on Google.  His old site was somewhere around page 14 on Google and used bright, vibrant colors and, well, didn't work.  Logins that lead to nowhere.

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Environne - Fruit & Vegetable Wash

| Portfolio

Environne is a local company that makes and sells products that remove potentially harmful pesticides and chemicals from fruit and vegetables.  They came to me to implement a design they had created by a marketing firm.  I was able to create the website from story boards,

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Winery Website Proof of Concept

| Wineries

With the boom in wine making and the explosion of wineries all over Oregon, I would love to be able to provide several different services to wineries.  I have created a website as a proof of concept with the hopes that it will generate some interest. As you may or may not

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Luckiamute Valley Pheasants

| Portfolio

LVP is actually a client of a local marketing company.  They had already created the website, but needed a custom reservations system.  That's when they called me.  I was able to give them a calendar that shows available hunting pods for specific days, an email reservatio

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Google ChromeFrame


In my new day job, I came across a problem today that I had never seen.  The application I'm working on requires an inordinate amount of JavaScript (in the form of jQuery).  Basically I'm display large amounts of data from a database in a graphical form using jQuery Spider

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| Real Estate and Property Management

My first international website!  :)  I actually did this a couple years ago and it's gone through a couple different iterations. The condo is owned by a friend of mine who lives in San Diego, but bought a condo in Loreto Mexico on the Baja Peninsula.  She needed a site t

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