Websites are a professional necessity in today’s highly competitive virtual world. With just the click of a button, anyone can buy anything from anywhere. Information on is-fotan-rightliterally every subject is mere seconds away.

So how are you going to make sure your website comes out of the tangle on top? How do you ensure that what you have to offer is going to stand out in a crowded global marketplace?

In an era where the average person does the majority of their business with people (or non-people) they have never even met, I say the best way to move your business forward is to take a step back.

Fotan Web and Graphic Design offers a global reach with a personal touch. The problem with huge companies is that most aren’t able to resolve issues quickly (according to an iPage review). I believe in doing things the old-fashioned way–in knowing names, shaking hands, telling a few jokes and in truly listening. If you want your business to be a part of the future but like the way things were done in the past, please contact me. At the very least you’ll talk to a real person, and you might even make a new friend.



Matt is totally customer service driven and that’s one of the main reasons he is so good at his job. He’s bright and willingRead More...

—Linda Mounts

Mounts Consulting Group

One Perfect Hero

| Portfolio

This is a fairly basic website for a local author who wanted to be able to post excerpts from her book, announce appearances and link to different places on the web where her book could be purchased.  I gave her everything she wanted, and a little more. Nice basic design,

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Herbert Lumber - Riddle Oregon

| WordPress Plugins

Herbert Lumber had recently lost their website to a server crash.  Scary.  Especially since their host didn't have a backup.  When I talked to them they were trying to figure out how to get a website back up that they could back up and maintain themselves.  Hmmmm.  What

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Umpqua Oats

| Back End Programming

This was a quick job I did in 2009, or so.  They just needed a way to display a store locator that they could update themselves.  All back end work, except for the map.  Looks like the locator has been taken down now, but it worked really nicely when it was up.  :)

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Mercy Hospital - Roseburg Oregon

| Healthcare and Insurance

Mercy is another client of BBG Marketing.  BBG has a designer they use for all the layout and pretty stuff.  What their designer can't do well is the PHP and MySQL integration.  There's really not that much on mercyrose.org as far as database stuff, but they have the abil

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The Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team

| Portfolio

This was my first website EVER.  Doesn't look like much now, but in 2001 it was quite the site.  :)   Flash accordion menu, a page for arrest photos and press releases, lots of graphics work.  Those were the good old days when everything was hand coded.  No databa

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UCC Accreditation WordPress Blog

| WordPress Blogs

I've been on contract working as webmaster for Umpqua Community College for quite a while now and one of the things they asked me to do was to take their Accreditation blog and clean it up.  Before I got to it it was a stock WordPress theme and didn't look anything like UCC

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Create Calendar .ICS files with PHP

| Code

On a project I was working on recently it would have been cool if we could dynamically create an ICS file so people could download and import events into their calendars.  I did some looking and found several "scripts" that all claimed to do the trick, but none worked quite

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Music on the Half Shell

| Portfolio

FINALLY!  After about 3 years of talking to the Half Shell Committee about taking over the website, I have it. If you're not from Roseburg, OR, Music on the Half Shell (MOTHS) is a local deal where live bands play in a half-shell erected in a local park (Stewart Park).  T

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Luckiamute Valley Pheasants

| Portfolio

LVP is actually a client of a local marketing company.  They had already created the website, but needed a custom reservations system.  That's when they called me.  I was able to give them a calendar that shows available hunting pods for specific days, an email reservatio

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Section 508 (Website Accessibility)

| Misc.

Working with Lane Community College I have to make sure my work conforms to Section 508.  Very big deal for education, and anyone who wants their website available to the widest possible market, really.  It used to be that blind folks and people with certain disabilities w

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